Sunday, October 3, 2010

Tony O'Malley Residency 2011

“23rd of December”, pencil on paper, 56 x 69 cm. 2010

I’ve been so fortunate to be the first recipient of the Tony O’Malley Studio Residency 2011. The residency is in Callan, a small town ten minutes outside Kilkenny. It’s a beautiful big house and studio, so in November I’m gonna pack up my studio, my boyfriend Jonathan and our flat in Dublin and move down. The residency, administered by the RHA, is awarded on an annual basis to an artist who wishes to work primarily in the medium of paint, so I’ll be making some new work using paint and color in the coming year.

About Tony; During his lifetime Tony O’Malley was the recipient of subsidised studios and accommodation in St. Ives, Cornwall. Administered by the Arts Council of Great Britain it offered the artist time to concentrate on creating work. Jane O’Malley has never forgotten the privilege of those decades for herself and Tony. A number of years ago she acquired Tony’s family home in Callan Co. Kilkenny. Jane, working with her architect, set about renovating the building into a first class facility for an artist to live and work in and in association with the Royal Hibernian Academy Jane O’Malley now wishes to offer this home/studio to an artist on an annual basis.

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