Monday, February 14, 2011

Mobius Circle

place invites you to the launch of Mobius Circle,

an exhibition of new work by artist Magnhild Opdøl

Opening february 18, 6-8pm

at place, 5 John St, Gorey Co. Wexford

Circles are a reoccurring theme in my recent work, life to death and back again. On a previous trip home to Norway, I collected water and footage from a melting glacier. The short loop shows the flow of the melting water in Norway, the sculptural piece accompanying the footage allows this glacial water to evaporate back into the air, completing its journey.

I often collect other parts of the history surrounding my pieces, and make them part of my projects. An orange basin has now become a sculptural piece together with a drawing and the photograph for the invitation. This piece began when a sheep lay on her newborn lamb, and the lamb died. Growing up on a farm, life and death is an everyday occurrence. The process of documenting this lamb is my way of honoring this creature, and it will, like many great people, be allowed to live forever, through my work. The lamb has been drawn and photographed deceased and has been given a new life as a taxidermic sculpture and photographed back in the habitat that it never saw. So I guess even if I separate the projects into different shows, and make them into something else, they are part of the same circle, and are also linked together through my process and collection.

Curator Paul Murnaghan

Exhibition continues till 19th March. Open 11am - 5.30 pm Monday to Saturday

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